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NEW! Annamika for iPad


A collaboration betwen Catherine Hubert and Scott Collard, Annamika is the delightful blending of Catherine's beautiful hand-drawn artwork and Scott's amazing Kaleidoscope X OpenGL graphics software. Find out more by visiting the Annamika web site at annamika.com

Supports Apple's VGA-Out connector! Display Annamika on an external monitor or your HD TV!





Kaleidoscope X for iPad


Featured by Apple as a launch title for the iPad, Kaleidoscope X for iPad reached # 2 in the paid apps category and has spent more than 100 days near the top of the charts. When you launch it on your iPad, you'll see why so many people love it. Supporting the full resolution of your iPad, it takes the original iPhone version to the next level with gorgeous interactive OpenGL graphics, and of course the HD version of the amazing Image Synthesizer! Don't miss it.

COMING SOON: Support for Apple's VGA-Out connector! Display Kaleidoscope X on an external monitor or your HD TV!





Kaleidoscope X


An interactive work of art for your iPhone and iPod touch. Much more than just a traditional kaleidoscope, Kaleidoscope X is a creative tool for producing beautiful images and for stimulating the visual pleasure centers in the human brain. Comes standard with all the features you would expect in a digital kaleidoscope, but adds an impressive collection of features you won't find anywhere else including a STEREOSCOPIC 3-D mirror and the amazing IMAGE SYNTHESIZER which creates beautiful images on the fly. You really have to see it to believe it.





Beat Counter PRO


The serious Tap Tempo, Metronome and BPM Reference Tool for your iPhone and iPod touch. Beat Counter PRO was developed by a professional musician for use at home, on stage, or in the studio. Featuring an advanced Tap Tempo algorithm, highly accurate metronome (unlike most of the other iPhone metronomes), the ability to use the metronome while your iPhone or iPod touch is playing, choice of click sounds (including continuously variable click pitch -- no other App has it!), A-440 tuning note and much more! We think Beat Counter PRO is a must-have App for musicians that own an iPhone or iPod touch.





Music Jokes


By popular demand, a collection of more than 1000 music and musician jokes for your iPhone and iPod touch. Music Jokes is sure to make you laugh, but if the joke needs that "push over the cliff," we give you the ability to add sound effects at the push of a button. Choose the classic drum riff, audience applause/groans, and more. We'll also be adding more jokes all the time (updates are free, of course), so if you have a great music joke you'd like to share, send it to us at jokes@gritless.com







Recently, our good friend Andy Ekstrom had a great idea for a simple and fun iPhone application: a wishbone. And now we are pleased to announce that Wishbone is available on the iPhone App Store. Wishbone is easy and fun to use and looks really cool. Check it out!



Coming Soon: More iPhone Apps

We are working around the clock to bring you many more unique, stylish, innovative and fun iPhone applications. Stay tuned as we post new information and announce the availability of our brand new creations.

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studioFROBEL is the Internet home of 15-year old Maxwell Collard, software designer, musician, and creator of Billy The Ragdoll. You can buy Billy The Ragdoll on the App Store today! Click the App Store image below to learn more.



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